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Loca Luna, one of the highest profile instrumental groups, enjoys its place at musical industry. In addition to performance till 2009. Consistently praised for their deeply musical interpretations, exciting performances, and thoughtful musics. Each concerts, Loca Luna performs throughout the different instrumental world music series.

            Loca Luna's smooth live music experience is the most exciting to hit the scene in a decade. It's clear that Loca Luna is the new standart streaking through the music industry.

            Loca Luna create their own unique world fusion music by mixing traditionally intrumental

varieties accompanied with the sounds of specially Turkish music. Their timeless appeal is mad and accesible for listeners of all instrumental genres.At the same time, the accompanying music has a contemporary ambience because it subtly combines traditional music of Aegean, Balkanian, Mediterranean, Mesopotamia and Arabic elements with the performance of ethnic style instruments as well as a variety of instrumentation.

            "Loca Luna, songs carry deep hidden truths and enjoyful feelings." explains Börte. "When chanted in their original form they can stimulate the higher mind, rejuvenate the body and bring sense of infinity to the soul. The magic lies in reaching beyond the mental sphere to touch a realm where these sound syllables and their intonation combine to create a transcending experience.

            Sometimes near the Aegean town, over the high mountain of Kaçkar, riding on Silk Road at desert, brighten up with Balkanian dances. Loca Luna carry a powerful energy that has been passed down.

Loca Luna adds. " to create music that uplifts and wakens with the hope that our creation resonates with each listener. We have integrated these songs into a contemporary musical

setting inspired by our search to connect these 7 continental, 7 climate and 7 colors sounds to our lives in the present day.Loca Luna was born and raised in Istanbul / Turkey, and began playing various instrumentational songs. By the time many concerts, festivals and organizations...


BÖRTEÇENE TERLEMEZ a founding member of the Loca Luna. He feels the rhythms and keys combining with different cultural structures. He plays many instruments and add western sense on harmonized ethnic musics . Called like multiinstrumentalist musician. Like unisound of Loca Luna creator. He told that “Loca Luna looks like mad moon and change your mood in every time”

As the oud player, performer and composer of the group, ERSİN ERSAVAŞ's compositions, vibe and instrumentation contribute mightly to the hallmark Loca Luna sound. He's enjoyed a widely diverse musical career in Turkey. Toured and recorded with the very best in the musical productions. Already have many different musical projects

KAAN SEZERLER recently seen live with many virtuoso, also frequents many orchestral and traditional choirs. Also he wrote classic fiddle method book and many musical compositions. Has 2 different music albums with amazing classic fiddle style.

As an icon in the percussion world, ERDEM EROL's deholla and darbouka solo and side work with His individual rhythms keeps him in high demand. He brings range of wild effects and rhythm styles. Sound that slams complex solos.

BURHAN HASDEMİR is a percussionist touring with many style of bands. His style is so lively and so energetic. One of the most wellknown and emulated percussionist on the regions. Tunes like drum but feels like Balkanian and Mesopotamian rythms. He discover and have an musical journey in his career. For the ones who want to discover his style. Should follow him.

MESUT BİNGÖL is Turkish qanun player. He has recorded and toured with many musicians, quartets, choirs and orchestras. He has recorded 2 different musical albums. His playing techniques make feel like touch of nature with smooth hand motions.

ALPER ÇAM, one of the most skilled and sought after bass players in TR. Also musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, arrenges and multi instrumentalist. He has continued to perform and record many musicians at past years. Amazing style on bass guitar and keyboard. Collectively, these instrumentalist are the very best in their field. As a group they have played many Music Festivals and concerts. Coming soon in world stages 2016.

Loca Luna set to release their new debut single and new albums in 2016. It will be a collection of rich and varied songs with depth and strength from the musical journey.

Loca Luna

Börteçene Terlemez – percussion

Kaan Sezerler – classic fiddle

Ersin Ersavaş – oud

Burhan Hasdemir – percussion

Erdem Erol – dhollo

Alper Çam – bass, keyboard

Mesut Bingöl - qanun

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 Label and Albums

            Loca Luna - " deli ay" , 8697454903296

           Akustik Müzik, Beyoğlu / Istanbul / TR