Istanbul Hot Yoga

Istanbul Hot Yoga

Istanbul Hot Yoga serves as the only studio in Turkey with one of the most popular types of yoga in today’s world, hot yoga. It was established for those who want to practice yoga by breathing air with high oxygen quality at a temperature of 40 degrees, with a special filter and humidified ventilation system that facilitates breathing.
By supporting the mental and physical transformation of people, yoga helps open the doors of the universe to the person who has difficulty in balancing in the chaos of the modern world.
Hot Yoga also supports flexibility, reshaping the body in a short time, providing plenty of oxygen to reach every point by sweating; It purifies toxins and accelerates this process to the extent of one’s awareness.
Returning to ourselves by directing our attention from the outside world, where our attention is directed by the intensity of perception, to our inner self, balances our society and nature relationship and purifies it from the pollution that develops outside of us. It makes it easy to be “us”.


In our studio, all the materials you will need in your yoga practice (yoga mat, mattress, towel, etc.) are hygienically available. If you wish, you can bring 2 towels to use in class and in the shower. We recommend that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. We recommend that you drink 1.5 liters of water at least 2 hours before the lesson. We do not sell water to avoid water bottle waste. You can get water from the studio with your flask.
There is a locker in the dressing room and all the products you will need for your use. You can bring slippers for use in the shower in wet areas.
At least 15 minutes from the session. We recommend that you be at the studio beforehand.
If you have an injury, it is important that you inform the instructor before the lesson.
Our place is 5 minutes away from Levent Metrocity and Kanyon shopping malls, there is a parking lot for those who want to come by car. ? For group lessons, I request a reservation 3 hours before arriving according to the schedule.

You can continue your (hot) yoga routine in English without interruption in your Istanbul destinations.


Our group lesson hours may not suit you or you may be self-employed. You may have a health problem or you may want to start and progress at your own level.
At Istanbul Hot Yoga, you can benefit from all the services we offer in the studio as private sessions in accordance with your wishes and needs. If you wish, you can take a private lesson (session) to start yoga new or to deepen and strengthen your own practice. It is designed in accordance with your body, it is programmed with the teacher you choose, within the framework of the hours that suit you.
Private sessions; In addition, if you wish, you can benefit from the ‘Private Session at Your Home’ service of our experienced trainer staff. You can get the service of your choice in the comfort of your home by our available trainer.
Private sessions allow you to rebalance and maintain the relationship between your body, mind and spirit.


We can help you Create the Right Environment for Your Employees.
Corporate Yoga is about creating the right environment for the professional and personal development of company employees.
Our goal is to integrate meditation and yoga into their work environment so that people can be open-minded, efficient and kind. Learning how to meditate equips employees to perform at the highest level and realize their potential for a solution-oriented and more productive work life.
The role of the human mind in work-life health and performance is fundamental, especially since our work cultures with a fast flow of knowledge require a high level of attention, mental clarity and focus. Without a clear focus, productivity decreases, performance drops and stress levels increase. By training our brain’s neural network with meditation, we can improve these skills by strengthening the body-mind relationship with yoga poses.
Harvard Business School has stated that meditation and intuition are the two most valuable management tools of the 21st century.
Our knowledge is a combination of Western scientific findings and tested Eastern wisdom. It provides minimum mental stress, maximum harmony and efficiency.
In addition to the physical yoga lesson, topics such as the meaning of meditation and yoga, its physiological and psychological effects, the human mind, body and mind connection and its reflections on business life are shared with the employees.
Our aim is to introduce all aspects of yoga to the employees and to ensure that the classes have a progressive structure if they attend regularly.
Yoga or meditation sessions are held at your company or in our Istanbul Hot Yoga studio. The style, intensity, duration and optional themes of the classes are determined by the needs of your company or employees.

Bazaar Turkey – Les Arts Turcs Art Studio
Alemdar Mh. Incili Cavus St.
No: 19 Floor : 3 (Behind The Underground Cistern)
Sultanahmet 34110
Istanbul, Turkey
Contact : Mr. Alp or Mr. Nurdogan ( Phone : +90 544 220 10 22 )
E-mail :

Google Maps :

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